An apple grown
with passion

The story of Select Fruit is the story of 11 passionate apple growers.

Spread over more than 1000 hectares and mostly located in western France, these family fruit growers stimulate the local economy (by creating many jobs locally, for example).

Preferring to practice their job on a human scale, they have all progressively turned towards sustainable agriculture. Their commitment is absolute ; at Select Fruit, there is no room for half measures.


Our growers did not wait for it to become fashionable to be convinced of the benefits of agroecology.

Following the strictest specifications, they embraced the challenge over 10 years ago. A genuine pioneer in the field, Select Fruit strives ceaselessly to reconcile agriculture, environment and food, according to the « one health » concept (health of humans, ecosystems, plants, soils and animals).


Our orchards are driven according to two methods :

An Eco-responsible approach and an organic approach.
Our orchards and packhouses also comply with international certifications and protocols.